Capacity Building for facilitators and networking leaders in Latin America

During our five years as one of the Bellanet´s regional offices, when Bellanet was an IDRC secretariat, Sulá Batsú identified the need of capacity building for facilitators and networking leaders in the areas of knowledge sharing and ICT for collaboration in Latin America.

During this time Sulá Batsú had the opportunity to learn, apply, develop and innovate methodologies and techniques for knowledge sharing and ICT for collaboration, and to keep in touch with people doing this same work around the world and the chance to share experiences with them.

Considering the identified needs and the capacities built by Sulá Batsú during this period, our approach for BASE leaves from the development of a KS curricula and a capacity building online platform oriented to facilitators and network leaders of the LAC region that want to strengthen their capacities in these topics.  

During the next year Sulá Batsú will concentrate its effort in building this curricula, integrate partners interesting in the same idea in LAC region and test the capacity development program and the platform.